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Artist Information: Tom Hunter

Tom Hunter After playing the supporting role as sideman for many well known national blues acts including Bernard Allison, Bill Perry, Jimmy Thackery and Little Sammy, Tom is brought into the artist spotlight with "Here I Go Again" backed by veteran sidemen Rob Stupka (Drums), Keith Boyles (Bass) and Jon "Gunner" Gunvaldson (Guitar). The tracks exude an earnest quality as his honest and genuine vocals lay nicely over solid rhythm tracks punctuated by a "blues meets jazz", hard-hitting yet sometimes soft and sensitive piano. Songs run the gamut from blues classics (Basin Street Blues) to soulful hits (Ray Charles' "Drown In My Own Tears") to more contemporary blues standards ("Layin' In The Alley") This album will surely be endeared by die-hard blues fans as well as be a great introduction to the genre for blues neophytes.

*Please note that the liner notes for the 1st run of "Here I Go Again" incorrectly credit Ray Charles as the writer of "Drown In My Own Tears". While Mr. Charles' version of the song brought it to great popularity, the proper credit belongs to the late Mr. Henry Glover. We apologize for the error and it will be corrected on future runs of the CD.

Artist website: tomhunterblues.com

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Here I Go Again
Album release: January 2006
Retail cost: $15.00 USD

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