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Artist Information: Kip Blackshire

Kip Blackshire While growing up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Kip Blackshire started singing at an early age. My older brothers and I would sing around the house all the time", Blackshire comments. "When I was five, my Grandmother entered us into a school talent show. Shying away from being the lead singer; my Grandmother told me that I had no choice. I was going to sing! I didn't argue so I went with it. We won the grand prize four years in a row. Once I acknowledged the appreciation that people had for my talents, the shyness disappeared. Then, being a performer became natural. At that moment, I knew that I was going to be a singer." His musical talents spawn from a musical family. "There are four generations of gospel singers in my family. It's in my blood."

Artist website: kipblackshire.com

Artist's discography on the FS Music label

The Eleventh Hour
Album release: November 2005
Retail cost: $15.98 USD
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